How much does a Web site cost?
This depends on the type of site you need, the features and the time required to complete it. Please contact us and we will be happy to give a free quotation.

How do we start building our first site?
Think about the type of users that you want to view your site. Think about what you want your site to achieve, then surf the Internet to make a list of:
1. sites you like
2. functions or processes you want to perform in your site (enquiry forms, databases, registration systems, support areas, etc).

What is the process for designing a site?
Once we have as clear as possible brief from you and the necessary material (we can help with things like copyrighting, photographs etc should you require) we will put some ideas together and email them to you. We can make changes and once you are happy with the overall concept we can start building the site. We will give you a username and password to access the site as it progresses so you are able to send us comments and suggested modifications.

How can we improve our existing Web site?
Let us examine the site and we will be happy to offer solutions.

Can we maintain our own site after it is developed?
Yes. We can provide updating software and training if necessary.

Do we need to register a domain name and set up hosting?
No, we can do this for you if you wish. We work with trusted companies that provide excellent service.

We already have a domain name registered, can we still use it?
Yes. We can set up the domain to work on our hosting if required or continue with the host you have chosen. The domain name still remains yours and is in your control.

How do people find us? How do we get on top of the search engines?
We can do this for you. We have a package that has proved very successful. We design the site in a way that will make it ‘acceptable’ to search engines and maximise your chances for exceeding the competition.

When do we pay for the project?
We ask for 50% in advance and the remanding 50% when the site is complete and you are happy with the work. Once we have received full payment we will transfer the new site to your hosting so it works with your domain name. We will also help you set up email addresses.